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Mine for Course and Book Content Gold

Easily search a database of over 211,000 + online courses across 10 of the world's largest learning platforms, and validate your course or content ideas with at-a-glance analytics like title, enrollment, search demand, profit estimates, and more.

Search over 40 million book titles and chapters via Eurekaa's unique Book Research for even more "eurekaa!" moments. Save snippets of titles and descriptions to feed your creation machine.

    Data points from the largest - and most popular - online learning platforms

    Your New Idea Machine!
    Find thousands of topics and outlines in seconds

    What would take you a whole day or an paid assistant to do - now only takes seconds. Search by topic, title, niche, subcategory, rating, popularity, price, platform, and more. Save your data to your content library for future use.

    Never run out of content ideas again!

      Create Content With Proven Popularity

      Our Course View and Book View modals pull over all the content descriptions along with the outline / lesson modules where available. Build your personal library to ideate and differentiate your own content.

        What users have to say...

        BEFORE Eurekaa

        Visit multiple course sites for course ideas
        Visit multiple course sites to see what is selling
        Create multiple tab spreadsheet to sort
        Search multiple times on Google
        Go with a hunch as to demand
        Figure out your outline and content
        Stare at blinking cursor with creative block
        Guess as to how long the course should be
        Waste money upfront on ads
        Find another course topic or title and start over

        AFTER Eurekaa

        Type in a topic or course idea
        Have an Eurekaa moment
        Start creating online courses