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Your New Idea Machine
Find thousands of topics and content outlines in seconds

Explore 297,000+ online courses and 40 million book titles with Eurekaa - your ultimate content research powerhouse.

What would take days and a paid assistant to do - now only takes seconds. Search by topic, title, niche, student count, category, ratings, platform and more. Seamlessly integrate the content details from our 'Course View' and 'Book View' modals, and save them to build a rich personal idea library

    Insights from the largest - and most popular online learning platforms and marketplaces

    Create Content With Proven Popularity

    Never shoot in the dark again! Discover topic market opportunities with our topic scoring algorithm that calculates interest over time and courses-to-student ratios to let you know what's directionally popular in the marketplace - right now.

    Your Unfair Advantage

    Validate your content ideas using at-a-glance analytics like ratings, reviews, enrollment, search demand and more.

      Break Cold-Start Creative Blocks With Our Unique AI: Lesson Architect™

      Lesson Architect™ AI helps you oversome the worst parts of writers block - starting and finishing. Create detailed outlines, descriptions, lesson plans, book chapters and even PPT slides.

      Enter your topic, context and audience type, even a proposed length and Eurekaa will give you intelligent formatted content - in seconds!

      Fuel your flow with augmented intelligence

      Export any outline - or import external content - into our AI-Assisted Doc Editor and put your content on speed dial. AI commands are in line with your writing with just a click on the icon, using what you aleady have to help you continue writing or brainstorm new ideas

        "One of my most satisfying purchases.. it has been a game-changer for me as a course creator and writer."

        Founder/Executive Coach, Mustafa Mohsen Institute

        Spotlight Lesson Gaps and Content Opportunity with Advanced AI Analysis

        See what's missing with our AI Gap Analysis! Scan existing courses and content, uncovering hidden opportunities that await your expertise.

        Your path to unique content

        Explore and exploit deficiencies in existing content with our sophisticated AI audit, ensuring your course isn’t just another drop in the ocean, but a wave of fresh, need-fulfilling knowledge. Engage in an exploration that arms you with the tools to craft content that not only parallels but transcends market standards, offering not just information but improved, consummate learning experiences.

          "Real Al and mind blown! Created 13 modules and over 18k words..."


          Unlock Endless 'Eurekaa!' Moments in Content Creation

          Supercharge your idea factory with the world's largest searchable book database and Eurekaa's Topic Keyword Search Tool. Instantly uncover book chapters and title search term volumes for hundreds of terms, ensuring you have popular content or program ideas for months to come.

          Your online Content Library

          Seamlessly integrate details from 'Course View' and 'Book View' modals, building a rich personal library. Organize your idea workspaces with Tags you can add to any saved content.

          Eurekaa is not just a tool; it's your research assistant, market analyst, content hub, and writing assistant.

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