One-Click Topic Discovery

Effortless research. Just type in a general topic and watch Eurekaa work its magic in seconds. With a single search, you get to explore the largest searchable online course repository in the world  with over 297,000 courses and 600,000+ categories across 11 of the worlds largest MOOC platforms

    Your Shortcut to Picking the Perfect Idea

    Fine-tune your search by topic, niche, rating, enrollment or estimated earnings (where available) to find your sweet spot. Compare content in a single view. No more tab-hopping or note-taking, it's all here.

      Instant Market Insights

      Explore the popularity and relevance of your topic. Eurekaa hands you the data you need. From course-student ratios to topic search trends, we paint a complete picture of your topic’s relevance and demand. Plus, get a list of related topics and queries, expanding your idea pool without running another search.

        Directional Validation and Opportunity Scoring

        Is your topic a hit or miss? Our unique Opportunity Scoring algorithm combines enrollment data, course availability, and search trends to give you a calculated chance of your topic’s success. While it's not a guarantee, it’s the next best thing to a crystal ball. Eurekaa will provide directional validation (opportunity score) on your topic of interest.

          Streamlined Content Planning

          Harness inspiration by curating content for your topic. With a simple click, save any course or book you like, and its description page will show up right alongside the Editor / Idea Processor, so you can get a jump-start on your content by seeing what other popular content is being offered on the topic you are considering. You can also Tag saved content to organize it into focused workspaces. Once done, click on a Tag to only show that Tag's content.

            (AI) Gap Analysis

            Find out what's missing in a given course. Be the missing piece in a crowded market. Our AI-powered gap analysis lets you identify what's lacking in popular courses—or your own. With one click, find out what you could add to make your content more complete and compelling.

              AI-Assisted Idea Processor (Editor)

              In Content Planner, you will also find our Doc Editor with AI-Assistant built-in. Iterate your content in milliseconds; the AI-augmented writer will help you whenever you get stuck. Get your ideas down fast, and then using the editor's unique modular UI, you can drag and sort order the key ideas you have that make more sense for you. Toggle between outline, document, and PowerPoint modes for unparalleled flexibility in content creation. Never face writer’s block again.

                AI-Powered Lesson Architect™

                Eurekaa's AI Lesson Architect™ will jumpstart your content for you; break cold starts with outlines, intro's, descriptions, content summaries, or chapters. Enter your topic and audience level, even a proposed length, and Eurekaa will give you intelligent, formatted content in milliseconds. Have an unformatted or scattered content blob? Let Lesson Architect™ structure and formatted for you!

                  Comprehensive Book Research

                  Eurekaa includes a separate section for you to research popular books on your topic. Just like the course database, in seconds, Eurekaa can search the largest online library in the world. Now see all the related books in a particular topic. See all the book covers, titles, subtitles, categories, AND chapters as well as ratings (where available) compared - in one spot!

                    Optimize Your Title for Success

                    Make your content discoverable. Our Title Rank feature gives you actionable insights into the search volume and competition for your chosen keywords. Now you can confidently select a title that not only resonates but also ranks. Once you've picked your topic Eurekaa includes a Title Rank feature that offers scorecards with monthly search volume and competition scores for your title keyword phrases.