Effortless Research

When you add a general topic term, Eurekaa will do the job of multiple tools in seconds. It will search across 8 online platforms, mining a database of over 200K courses, 400K + categories, allowing you to filter by niche, topic, rating, enrollment or platform.

    Market Trends

    Is there any interest in your topic? Eurekaa will show the ratio of courses to students, how many courses teach it, and the search trend on Google based on a search index over the last two years.

      Course Comparison Engine

      Eurekaa is the largest searchable online course repository in the world. In seconds, you can compare all related courses in a particular topic across 10 of the largest online course platforms (free and paid) in one place. You can then filter by title, niche, rating/reviews, enrollment, estimated revenue or by platform.

        Opportunity Scoring

        With our proprietary algorithm using enrollment, the number of available courses in a topic and search trends, Eurekaa will provide directional validation (opportunity score) on your topic of interest. Although these factors do not guarantee success, they do give a decent indication as to your probability of success.

          Book Search

          Eurekaa includes a separate section for you to research popular books on your topic. Just like the course database, in seconds, Eurekaa can search the largest online library in the world. Now see all the related books in a particular topic. See all the book covers, titles, subtitles, categories, AND chapters as well as ratings (where available) compared - in one spot!

            Title Keyword Planner / Keyword Volume

            Once you've picked your topic Eurekaa includes a Title Rank feature that offers scorecards with monthly search volume and competition scores for your title keyword phrases. Now you can type in your possible title or keywords you want to include in your title - then go through the title keyword results that are searched on google and ranked by relevancy. The planner not only shows you what people are typing in Google, but the volume, competition and the average CPC.

              Content Planner & Editor

              You can expand a course description and save it into your library. Here you will also find a content editor; outline and create your course content as quickly as you get the idea; easily drag and sort the order of the modules / ideas that you have that make more sense for you. When you're ready, export it as a text file or copy and paste into any doc you prefer. At a future date will have APIs to enable you to export the content right into to a particular course platform you want to publish your content on.